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End of a Cosmic Cycle

Jan 19, 2013 @ 09:52 am | visto 4486 veces | Creado en Education
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The sun is changing, the light that gives life fades away, the comforting warmth transforms itself, the planets dissolve, the Earth disappears, the water evaporates, the cycle ends, the life dies, all that has ever been disappears.
End of a Cosmic Cycle

The forecast scientists had been transmitting through centuries was quite clear: there would be a period of time when the sun started to suffer intense and lethal changes bringing severe consequences to the life in the planet Earth, even more, to the planet itself. These changes were the symptoms that the sun had reached its "out of fuel" moment. Indeed, the first ones which declared that the sun had completely consumed all its hydrogen resources and started to burn other type of fuel to keep on with its stellar existence. This superlative twist of fate would actually trigger notorious events for the nine planets that had always revolved around the sun during thousand of thousands of years.
It has passed many centuries since human beings had reached with "out of breath-effort" an unusual period of balance. After all, they had began to take care of themselves and get on well with many other living species in an exemplary harmony as well as they had learnt to conserve adequately the Earth's ecosystem as a whole. But this time, everyone was confused with what was already going to happen. The general sensation was of not knowing what to do. The whole solar system would end unrecognizable after the sun had started to expand and reached its following phase.
There were some who believed in an actual utopian option of survival, even more utopian than it had been in its moment to achieve the world ecosystemical balance. The more optimists thought that it would come the day in which each living being on the Earth would feel an overriding and deep need to survive enabling them to generate an intense energy never physically exteriorized before that would be harmoniously and subtly synchronized with the rest of the beings generating an unbelievable turnaround in the planet´s orbital movement.
This supposition stated that there would be a critical point regards to this extraordinary potential energy; in fact, the planet was going to be transmuted and finally it was going to reappear in other solar system with similar characteristics, occupying a kind of suchlike locus around other "twin" star, which could be located anywhere within the huge and unfathomable universe that was spread in those days in the welkin.
Some hopeful and didactic scientists had baptized this possible and yearned phenomenon as the S.H.Q.L. (Supraconscious and Hipermassive Quantum Leap) to settle it clearly that experts considered it was perfectly possible and probable that such kind of event could be taken place for the survival of the beloved and ancestral planet Earth.

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