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Current Trends in Global Online Marketing

Oct 10, 2012 @ 12:08 pm | visto 18876 veces | Creado en Business
por cheradanetwork (Ver todos sus artículos...)
Senior Editor de Cherada Network
Online marketing trends have been experiencing acceleration in technology due to innovation and discovery. However, digital marketers are optimistic that the trends are exactly what they expect in the digital marketing universe.
You will realize that trends are taking off and are worthy of your time and money. The following are a few of the current trends in the market:

Online marketing through social media and social networking

Internet marketing has integrated social networking and social media as its strategies to drive business. This has boosted the pace of sharing information between the company and its customers. Therefore, online businesses must take advantage of rising use of social networking and social media to enhance their presence in the global market. Social networking sites have offered internet marketing with a new platform to put an idea, product, or service across a well linked audience.

Social media sites also give the internet marketers the potential to develop interest and translate it into sales advantage. The social networking profiles enable marketing contents (products or services) to be shared making them to attract a larger audience. It is also an excellent cost effective medium to facilitate sales. The company may be able to determine existing brand distribution and diverse effect on its customers through taking the advantage of social networking. Therefore, it is an advantage to SEO companies which have taken social networking seriously to promote, inform, and update their audience globally.

Online marketing through SEM and search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is playing a significant role in internet marketing by facilitating better ranking in search engine results. It has a potential of growth for businesses that need to tap online revenues. The search engine also increases the commitment of SEO companies by giving accurate information.

Pay per click online marketing strategy

Pay per click services has provided to customers a fast discovery of an appropriate solution for their products or services of choice. This helps the business to boost the traffic to their business websites leading to better service or product promotion and sales.

Video based online marketing

Video marketing is a new trend that weaves credibility to the current marketing approach. An interactive video on social networking or private website profile is a new medium to interact with potential and existing customers about a new service or product. Video can easily allow sellers and buyers to clarify, simplify, and describe a product or service hence creating a personal touch to selling. However, a reduced cost of creating a video, internet reach, and high content quality positions video as an effective internet marketing tool.

Mobile phone online marketing

Mobile internet browsing has boosted the use of internet browsing and has gathered momentum in the current marking trends. The mobile application developers are busy improving mobile browsing so that fresh information, real updates, and personal experiences are likely to find buyers and readers.

Trends in online marketing campaigns and need for social metrics accuracy to understand customers needs or preferences are continuously growing. Social metrics for targeted customers are used to create great response as the conversion indicators of sales depict a successful strategy.

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