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Mr. Orson and Mr. Wells

Dec 10, 2012 @ 05:26 pm | visto 4399 veces | Creado en Book-reviews
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Shall we believe in superstious events? What would we do if some mysterious set of coincidences came across our path? What could we do? The most natural reaction would be to have paranoid thoughts or a genuine faith.
Mr. Orson and Mr. Wells

About a year ago, before leaving Heathrow Airport Mr Orson had put his briefcase on a chair next to him but when he turned round it had gone. Afterwards, he experienced a succession of strange events during his winter holiday in the most paradisiacal island, the Easter Isle. The very same day he arrived there, he was suddenly attacked by a group of natives who seemed rather desperate, as if Mr Orson represented the devil itself, threatening their peaceful lives. After long hours of non-so-effective communication he concluded that those elusive natives were utterly superstitious and confused. Nevertheless, he insisted on knowing why he was so notorious for them.

Finally, they told him that they have been waiting for him for many years, they were in charge of giving him a haunted and dangerous object. Such was his surprise when he realised it was a briefcase, but not an ordinary one, it was actually his briefcase, the one which he had lost some days before at the airport. How could it possibly be there since years ago? The natives assured that it was a supernatural matter and it was evident they were believing so, as they were terribly afraid of its content. It was an imperative not to open it in the island, so Mr Orson decided to travel by ship to other nearby island.

Some days later he arrived to a little and unknown island. He hadn´t even touch the briefcase, as a matter of fact he was a bit afraid of its content too. Doubtfully, he grabbed the briefcase and got off the ship. It was difficult to believe but that briefcase had really frightened him. How could it happen? He had been worldwide studying tribes and communities as anthropologist, he was an expert. How could this childish situation blow out his earnest character? After long reckoning, he gathered the courage to open the damned briefcase. He couldn´t believe his eyes when he saw nothing inside it. One of the consequences was that he never came back to Easter Isle, one of his favourite places.

He turned this set of events over in his mind throughout the rest of his life, never finding how the mystery was solved. The only soul in the world that knew about it was Mr Wells, his colleague and bitter enemy, who had bought the same type of briefcase the same day Mr Orson bought his. Mr Orson never knew that Mr Wells had organised everything to bewilder him. Mr Wells made the natives believe those superstitious ideas of divinities and punishments with the sole goal of mocking at Mr Orson.

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