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Aaron Lewis 

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  • Aaron Lewis is an American singer and musician from Rutland, Vermont. Born in 1972, Aaron Lewis is well known for forming the nu metal band Staind. More recently, Aaron Lewis has moved into country music.

    Aaron Lewis is well known for his musical versatility, which he has proved ten fold with his success with the metal band Staind and as a solo country artist. Releasing seven albums with Staind, Lewis proved his musical abilities over and over with the band but also continued to play solo acoustic shows throughout his time with them.

    These solo shows paved the way for the step into country music. This might have felt like a drastic move for some but to Aaron Lewis this was a move that was a long time coming. Growing up listening to country music with his grandfather, Aaron Lewis moving to country was always an inevitability. In 2010, Lewis released his first country EP, “Town Line”, which climbed to number seven on the US Billboard 200 chart and hit the number one spot on the US Country Albums chart.

    Two years later Aaron Lewis released his first solo studio album, “The Road”. The album was well received, peaking at number 30 on the US Billboard 200 and number seven on the US Country Albums chart. The album spawned one top 40 country single, “Endless Summer”.

    A truly versatile talent, Aaron Lewis has collaborated with multiple artists across multiple genres including Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Cold and Sevendust. In no way a shy performer, Aaron Lewis has been known for calling fans out on their bad behaviour during shows, but this performer is in no way a party pooper. Fans come back again and again to see him do his thing and do it well.

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Live reviews

  • Aaron Lewis

    I got an email notification 2 days before the event that the VIP and meet & greet was changed from after the concert to preshow. HUGE bummer! Get to the venue at 7pm and pick up my passes at the will call booth only to be told my VIP access doesn't include immediate entry and that we had to stand in line. 1st time that has ever happened. Mind you, the M&G is preshow now and the email stated if you weren't inside waiting at the designated area by 8pm when they ushered us backstage, you would be S.O.L. Made it in at 7:49!!! After the rushed preshow shenanigans, I ask on my way out where our reserved seating was and was informed we didn't get any and it was general admission 1st come 1st served...the opening act was on his last song. All seats were taken! I stood in the very back the entire concert. Nothing behind me but the bar. Was so super excited to see him in concert for my 1st time. Even with the hiccups that were being thrown at me. HUGE fan. Boy was I let down, financially as well. He was VERY aggressive, offensive, disrespectful and unprofessional with his angry outbursts and all the political comments he was making. Riled the crowd up. Physical altercations occured requiring removal from the venue by security. And the "icing on the cake".....him shouting obscenities at the fans and telling us to S.T.F.U so we could hear the final 3 minutes so he could unplug his guitar and step away from the mic, in his already acoustic setting, and ironically perform a "thank you" song he wrote for fans/people that "put up" with or overlook all his nonsense and still come around to hear his music. Needless to say, the crowd of 3500 rowdy and riled up people did NOT become as silent as he liked. He ended his show abruptly (last song he claims) and stormed off stage, throwing a drink into/towards the audience on his way. I can PROMISE you this my dear, I lost ALL respect for him and my ENTIRE opinion has changed about him in regards to how much of a decent, kind, compassionate human being I thought he was.I placed this mans character so high on a pedestal because I mistakenly assumed his moral compass was riotous. My fault for expecting to experience the memory of a lifetime that night that I could and would cherish for eternity. I IMMEDIATELY regretted choosing his concert over the other one I also had tickets to the same night. The Steel Woods were opening for Cody Jinks 2 nights in a row @ The Perot Theater in Texarkana which is literally 45 minutes from my home. WAY better than the nearly 6 hour drive (each way) I made for this BS. Shame on you Aaron Lewis for even remotely thinking that not only was your behavior/actions that night perfectly acceptable, but justified because we didn't "STFU"...You should have left your damn guitar plugged in and stayed in front of the mic like you did for ALL the rest of the songs you performed. Choose your battles. Was it worth it in the end? Miserable people ooze hate, anger and disgust from their souls, and to me, in my opinion, you are a miserable human being. Crawl out of your dark hole and shake those demons off before they consume you and make you lose the very people (your fans) who have helped enormously in facilitating your career to the level it has attained. Reintroduce the meanings of grateful, humble and kind to your life and find some peace. Only then will Joy enter your dark soul and heal you.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playSeeing Aaron Lewis in concert is like seeing no other. He is a true artist and a gift to the music industry. His voice is mesmerizing and soothing to the soul. No two concerts are the same. You could see him two nights in a row and hear completely different shows.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playDuring his acoustic solo tours, he sits on stage with his guitars and just talks and sings to the crowd as if they were all best friends. He tells very entertaining stories about his life between songs and sometimes even during songs if he feels inspired to do so. The audience usually just yells out requests and he obliges.

    There are no musical boundaries for him. He is extremely down to earth and a truly respectful man. He stands up for his beliefs and ideas, and does not hold back! His country tours are just as entertaining. He will definitely surprise you with the level of talent that he exudes.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playWhen touring with Staind, a somewhat rougher Aaron rears his head and he releases the inner angry soul that usually is contained in other shows. No matter what show you see, he is a true entertainer and a fan of his fans. Aaron Lewis is a must see! You will not be disappointed!

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  • Aaron Lewis may be best known to the majority as the lead singer of Massachusetts rock group Staind. His solo career is a step in a completely different direction when you consider the anthemic, powerful way in which he performed as part of a group. He takes a far more stripped back approach to his solo tours and allows his vocal and acoustic abilities to shine through and manages to wow fans in a completely different way.

    There are many performers who strive to be able to captivate an audience when stripping everything away when playing live. If you see the entranced way in which Lewis's crowds watch him you could argue he appears to have achieved this as he sits centre and soulfully plays 'The Story Never Ends' with a note perfect proficiency. The only time the audience makes themselves heard is during the breaks in order to award the artist with deafening applause. He looks incredibly grateful as he grins broadly before working through more material from albums including 'The Road'. The audience continues to watch on quietly to the rich tones and subtle, skilled guitar plucking.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAaron was amazing as always! He is clearly needing a break from the road because he was not as interactive with the crowd, but the crowd was a solemn one for one of his shows. They disappointed me as a member of the croud, but the band, Aaron, the stage and Ben Daniher was awesome nonetheless. I will continue to go anywhere I can to see him or Staind as much as possible because he has an amazing voice and is a phenomenal performer!!! I did not care for the venue as much as previous locations. All in all I have amazing videos and memories!! I love Aaron Lewis no matter where he is and will always recommend him!!

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playGreat show, always is! I've never really listened to alot of Country music, but I think he has made such a great transition and is such an amazing vocalist and writer that you can't help but love whatever he does! For all those who think you won't like it because it's not Staind, you are really missing out. I don't go to alot of concerts, but I would never pass up an opportunity to see him. His voice is amazing, and he always sounds great no matter what genre he's in. He's a great talent, and even nicer guy who always takes the time to engage with his fans.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAaron Lewis was great as always! I like how he just puts it all out there, who cares who is offended this is what I believe kind of attitude. I think we all need to be more this way, kind of a breath of fresh air! The music was fantastic, the place was clean. The seating was different and it was hard to see the stage. In my opinion not the best place for a concert. I think the casino could have held the concert in a better area. So other than the set up I have no complaints.

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  • Aaron Lewis was amazing!!! I was suppose to see him about 2 years ago when he opened for Brantley Gilbert but his plane had some issues. I waited 2 years to see Aaron and it was totally worth the wait. Aaron Lewis puts on such an AWESOME show. I will be going to see him every chance I can. His patriotism is so moving. My husband is a service member. It warms my heart knowing that people like Aaron support people like my hubby.

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  • Simply Aaron.

    About the tenth show for him and he always brings me back.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI personally believe he has out grown the venue and needs a larger space with that being said.

    On with the show..his new material is great and his standards are well, Unreal good. He did the medley of songs for the encore as he did previously....lots of crowd participation.

    Until next time thank you Mr Lewis

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  • Amazing show! Sully Erna was the best surprise you could give me, he's my favorite. I loved the whole second half of the concert, the first part was a little too rednecky, Ammosexual for me, but you do have a great voice, which made it still a good show. I LOVE the rock and roll, and I wasn't disappointed at all, the Staind reunion was awesome! So glad I was there for that!

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  • Amazing show!! His voice is as good live as it is recorded! One of the best shows I’ve been too. I’m not a huge fan of country but every song he played was phenomenal. He played some of his songs with staind and it made my night. Spectacular performance. Will pay to see him again before my life is over with.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAbsolutely a true American!!!! Starts with the pledge of allegiance and honors the constitution. Then plays a diverse concert of country and rock. What a voice. He’s excellent at small venues. And epic at larger ones. Will travel to see him again. Both times traveled over 120 miles.

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  • A simple wow!! Aaron Lewis never fails to impress me, this was show number 6 and I can't hardly wait for number 7, if you want to be throughly entertained do yourself a favor and see a true lyrical genius and try not to have a great time....

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThanks Aaron you're the best

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playLast night was the third time seeing Aaron Lewis in the past eight months. Last night's show was the best. The place might have seated 1,000 people. The first time seeing him was November 2017. That show I had " meet and greet " pass.

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  • AWESOME as always thanks Aaron....just wish you would have performed Vicious Circles...The acoustic at the end without amps or PA system was classy! Looking forward to listening to the new CD release he announced.

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  • I think Aaron Lewis is fantastic. He is extremely talented and a great singer. I just love how he is so down to earth and true patriotic American. He puts on an awesome show and his songs are about real life.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAs a musician and singer myself I really find connection in his music. After last night's show I'm an even bigger fan. Take the time to see him in a smaller venue. It's a great way to see a personal show.

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  • Absolutely great. Awesome voice. See him every time I can. Such a wide range of abilities, seen him do his own stuff, staind, then cover prince. He’s great. Very personable and interacts with crowd.

  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAmazing venue and great concert I want to take the tour of majestic theatre and my next Aaron Lewis concert, already planning. It was a great night. The acoustics were unbelievable

  • Absolutely incredible! If you can ever make it to a show of his you will never be disappointed! Truly amazing! I can tell you I have been to so many of his shows and it never gets old!

  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAs always, a great show! I do miss the hard rocking Staind days but love me some Aaron Lewis--second time to see them this year. Cain's Ballroom in T town is always a good time.