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Clint Black 

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学play Clint Patrick Black (born February 4, 1962) is an award winning American country music singer-songwriter, producer and actor from Long Branch, New Jersey.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playA year after Black’s birth, his family decided to leave the East Coast and head south down to Texas. Clint spent his childhood fascinated by music, self-teaching himself how to play the harmonica and guitar, as well as playing in a band with his three elder brothers, before deciding to try his hand as a solo act when he dropped out of high school.

    Inspired by old school country crooners such as George Strait and Willie Nelson, Black played at bars and lounges, whilst working a variety of jobs to support himself, from construction worker to fishing guide. In 1989 he was picked up by country label RCA Nashville, and his musical career took off.

    He released his debut album “Killin Time” shortly after, which was met with critical and commercial success, turning Clint Black into an overnight country star. The album topped Billboard charts, as did both lead singles, and it was certified platinum a year later. Black married Texan actress Lisa Hartman around the same time.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAfter a successful start, which also saw Clint take home a slew of country music awards, he didn’t rest on his laurels, releasing albums every year for the following three years, up till 1994. After a short break, he released a further two albums, including 1999’s “D’lectrified” before taking a five year sabbatical to take care of his newborn daughter.

    His comeback album, “Spend My Time” was released on his newly formed record label Equity Music Group. Black’s most recent musical output was 2005’s “Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic”, his ninth studio album.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playBlack has also had a variety of TV and film appearances, in acting roles and as himself. Notable roles include parts in TV show “Wings”, comedy movie “Anger Management” and reality TV contest, “Celebrity Apprentice”.

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Live reviews

  • Clint Black

    One of the most impressive aspects of seeing live performance is watching the band effortlessly work their magic on their speciality instrument. Something that’s even more impressive is seeing the talent of multi-instrumentalists, and Clint Black is one of the most talented guys around on guitar, piano, vocal, and every other instrument you can think of. He opened with Something That We Do, standing solo centre stage with just his guitar. It was a epic rendition of his famous song, and it brought the house down, the best way he could’ve started the show.

    Black’s back catalogue of 4 number one singles off his debut album meant that his following rocketed pretty early on in his career. Whilst Killin’ Time was released back in 1989, it was great to see that the crowd at his newer shows was a combination of long standing fans and younger enthusiasts appreciating the fantastic sound.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playFrom start to finish, Black interacted with his audience, calling out to individuals, encouraging everyone to sing along, and cracking jokes for everyone to laugh along to. The laid back environment encouraged everyone to sing and dance along, and we were all having the best time. I’d definitely recommend you going to see Black live, he seems to be like a fine wine, getting better with age!

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  • Aside from the fact that this superstar takes the time to interact with fans on social media is one thing ... getting there and seeing him play is several notches above awesome :) .

    The year I met my husband and we got married was when Clint Blacks songs Killing Time and Better Man were in the charts . Those songs were on our playlist at our wedding.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI bought the ticket for this show last December for the Calgary Show.. it was a long six months to wait .. i fig ok i ll enjoy a great evening out of music .. front row awesome ! I didnt realize just how close this seat was to the stage ... I was BLOWN away with this man's musicianship and his voice. Overall he is still one hell of an entertainer !!! The experience .. PRICELESS!! :))

    I recommend seeing Clint Black in this type of intimate venue that was at the Chrome Showroom at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary, Alberta Canada ... I never dreamed I would ever get a seat up this close . Thank you Mr Black for an unforgettable night :)) !!!

    Corrine Graves

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  • Clint Black, now in his 50s, is one of the most recognisable names in country music thanks to the longevity and success of his career. He first appeared on the circuit in the mid-80s and continued to release albums consistently for almost three decades. Although there has been no new music for many years, the fans continue to attend Clint's shows in huge numbers due to the legacy he has left on the country music scene.

    There is something wonderfully Americana about Black's music as it seems to encapsulate the tones of the countryside and the rich air of Texan and Jersey all at once. He is joined by a selection of musicians who he gets on very well with as they have a very obvious rapport. He reaches out to share the rapport with the crowd during the hits including 'Nobody's Home' 'A Good Run of Bad Luck' and the stomping 'Summers Coming'. He thanks the crowds sincerely over deafening cheers before one final singalong 'Been There' brings the show to a joyous close.

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  • Been to many of Clint's shows. He was fun, funny, spot on, and charming, as always. It was also my second show of his to see in 5 weeks. So totally grateful he decided to perform with Florida having been hit with Hurricane Irma less than a week prior. ??

    Venue left a lot to be desired. It's a venue's option to serve alcohol and I do not begrudge anyone their right to enjoy. But it causes a constant stream of people parading in front of view of performance and unruliness of some who partake. We had to move our seats because of one such person right behind me who was also obnoxious and threatening towards my daughter and I. Having flown from NJ just to see Clint and having to deal such a person and venue was disappointing.

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  • I've been a fan of Clint Black for 30 years and his music is as inspiring today as the first time I heard him. With averaging 2,3 or 4 concerts a year I'm still in awe at each one. He's full of surprises...Clint doesn't just walk on stage and sing. He's a story teller, full of jokes, and very interactive with his fans. He has on occasion even entertained us on the drums. Clint's muti talented band, of which 3 members have been with him for over 30 yrs are also top notch. I'm looking forward to "Killin' Time" with Clint Black for the next 30 years...

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playWe have a fantastic time at the concert,I took my wife Cathy for her birthday and it was a thrilling time,never experience a show like that.

    Wish we could have been closer to the stage but guess I didn't order the tickets quick enough.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAll in all it was a great great time,we will never forget that awesome concert.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playHope he comes back to Oregon for another concert.

    Thank you


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  • I’m so glad I went to see Clint Black in concert. He is so talented with his guitar playing, harmonica playing and amazing singing and story telling. It was outdoors in the cool pines of Payson and the show lasted about an hour and a half. Clint’s voice is crystal clear and sounds as good in person as he does on his recordings. Absolutely loved the show! I would go again tomorrow if I could.

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  • Solid performance by Clint Black. His band was spectacular and a good time was had by all

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playCherry Peak ski resort is a nice setting

    The warm up band was poor at best. Lousy vocals, mediocre instrumental.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI don’t think they have figured out what kind of music they want to play. (Rock or country)

    Was quite glad when the were through

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  • Clint Black.."and the whole band" were great. Clint sang fantastic, he has only gotten better as the years pass! He played the harmonica with great skill, passion, and conviction he blew me away! I cannot remember seeing any performance better in my life, I am a RE dedicated fan!!! Absolutely fantastic performance.

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  • Clint Black is a great entertainer! Not only was the music exceptional, but Clint is also a humorous

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playstoryteller. Each member of his band - who have been together for 30 years - was highlighted at some point in the show and they are all great musicians! I would love to go to more of Clint Black's shows!!

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  • The Clint Black concert was awesome. He and his band played and sang for one hour and forty-five minutes. Very Nice Concert. I felt the Concert was poorly advertised. I heard about it the Thursday before, and I didn't here it through the radio, but someone mentioned it.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playBought the tickets as a birthday gift. We loved and thoroughly enjoyed the show from beginning till the end. He brought back great memories. He sounded so much like Willie and loved it. We live out in West Texas and we’re very happy he came to our area.

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  • climt was awesome! he put on a great show. the venue was good as well. his concert will be the stardard for others i go to from now on. i wish he would come out with some new songs his old ones are so good!

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  • Great show. Love his music and his personality on stage is great. He is a fantastic preformer and I would love to see him again. I didn't know he could impersonate Willie and he did a fantastic job of it.

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  • I took my granddaughter to see Clint Black last night at the Palladium Theater in Carmel, IN.and he put on a great show. His sense of humor only adds to it. I would definitely recommend seeing his show.

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  • Alsome show! Very exciting, and lively! He cut jokes with his audience, and had us all singing along! I will definitely be going back to see him! Out of all the country concerts, he has been the best!

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playTerrific show! Loved that he didn't save all his great hits for the encore. Perfect amount of talk vs singing. He is a classic and one we have always loved to dance with and sing along.

  • Great show Clint is a real entertainer. Would recommend to anyone thinking about going to his show to go. I would go again. His impersonation of Willie Nelson was impressively.