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Insane Clown Posse 


  • Cult hip hop crew from Detroit, USA, Insane Clown Posse, have been unnerving audiences for over twenty years with their distinct brand of horrorcore and trademark clown outfits.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playChildhood friends Joseph Bruce and Joseph Ulster met in the suburbs of Detroit, where they would go on to form the gang, Inner City Posse, getting up to mischief and committing crimes which eventually led to Bruce's arrest and imprisonment. The group had begun performing and writing music but Bruce initially was motivated towers a professional wrestling career, although he became disillusioned after only a couple of years.

    Having reunited with Utsler and the rest of the gang, they became to pursue a musical career more seriously, performing at local club nights as the Inner City Posse. Struggling to make money with their performances and releases, the group decided to try and move away from their gangsta-rap style and move towards emulating the horrorcore style of artist Esham. With the change of style, they decided to rename themselves as the Insane Clown Posse.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThe group slowly built success, with a debut album, "Carnival of Carnage" (1992) that met with average reviews before fairing better with their second and third releases, EP "Beverly Kills 50187" and second full length "Ringmaster" (1994). It wasn't until their 1996 album, released through Disney's record label, Hollywood Records that Insane Clown Posse gained success, reaching number 63 in the Billboard 200, with the album eventually being certified platinum and selling 1.7 million copies, following its rerelease on Island/PolyGram Records.

    Mainstream success arrived in 1999 with their record, "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" which reached number four on the Billboard Charts, finding a growing fan base for their brand of hardcore hip hop and shock metal. They have developed a strong fan base, with their music achieving cult status. Their legions of fans describe themselves as 'Juggalos,' with Insane Clown Posse organising an annual 'Gathering of the Juggalos,' a festival for their fans and other affiliated artists.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playWith a steady release of records, Insane Clown Posse have achieved significant success, selling 6.5 million records in the United States. Their fan base is so dedicated that it caused the FBI to describe the 'Juggalos' as "a loosely organised hybrid gang" in a report in 2012, which prompted the members of Insane Clown Posse to sue the FBI for their assertion.

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Live reviews

  • Insane Clown Posse

    I'll start by saying that I have been a fan of ICP for around 18 years, their recent albums may not have captured me in the same way as their earlier work but I still enjoy their output and had huge expectations for their return to the UK.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI was fortunate enough to attend their gig 14 years ago in London and as such had an idea of what to expect, however nothing truly prepares you for an ICP gig...

    Within minutes of entering the venue the the sense of a festival atmosphere was present with artists already on stage, this continued with an array of support forgoing the traditional lengthy gaps and instead operating an almost seamless set of different artists until the stage was concealed behind thick plastic sheeting in preparation for the main event.

    The support were entertaining to excellent and Mushroom head, who shared top billing, were truly amazing, creating a work of visual mastery acting as a demented metal based blue man group with colourful drums filled with liquid and a synchronicity between band members again calling to mind a choreographed west end show not a metal band. However Mushroom head, decked in their unique uniforms truly personify theatricality in metal and after a similarly long absence from the UK as ICP, expectations were high and they delivered. Opening with Qwerty was also a master touch as this set the scene and left little choice but to be drawn into their performance.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playWhen the aforementioned curtain was finally erected i was front row, a feat I was unable to achieve 14 years previous and one I honestly did not expect to achieve this night. This only served to heighten the anticipation and excitement as the crowd began chanting as the demented riddle box era circus music played serving as a short intro to the abrupt drop of the thick plastic curtain revealing two of the longest serving hip hop artists in the world today.

    Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope who looked as though they hadn't aged in the intervening years, opened with Hokus Pokus from The Great Milenko, a song I, and the vast majority of the surrounding juggalos knew the words too and immediately drew a booming reaction from the crowd. Thankfully, despite some of their more recent output having merit, ICP choose a set consisting almost entirely of their well known classics, this was well received by the partisan juggalos audience, who like I, seemed to be largely long serving fans who's favourite ICP moments consisted of Riddle Box, Milenko, Jeckel Bros and the nearby eras.

    Of course as is to be expected from an ICP show I was soaked in faygo within seconds of them taking the stage, I somehow managed to avoid this when seeing them previously. It does add to the show in a strange way, as long as you avoid taking a direct hit in the eyes which isn't overly pleasant. As the show continued we became steadily wetter as a variety of characters and girls took the stage and assisted ICP in soaking the audience in faygo. The show was a constant assault of classic songs punctuated with faygo showers, a seamless carnival cavalcade from a band who know their art and shows this in a well produced and flawless presentation. As the night drew to a close we were left with the cold walk to the station, sticky and wet from the nights events but satisfied in the knowledge that the world's most "hated" band had once more performed in front of one of the world's most dedicated fan bases and exceeded all expectations.

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  • We all know how much shit these two guys get for what they do, but love them or hate them, they know their fans and what they came to see. They come out doing their thing, throwing overflowing 2-liter bottles of Faygo diet root beer into the audience as they mosh furiously.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI got pretty soaked and after about 10 minutes of being in that pit, I had to get out because I was being thrown around so hard. By the time I got out, my hair and shirt were covered in root beer. This WOULD be upsetting, but, those considerate clowns use DIET Faygo root beer, so it's not sticky at all, has the consistency of water and doesn't burn if it gets in your eyes. It makes it far more fun and less stressful.

    As for the actual performance, they're doing the thing they've always done, the thing they love to do and they've clearly got the idea down because they really put on one hell of a show. They don't leave it all to themselves, too, (dressed in horror-style clown outfits) come out throwing confetti, streamers, more bottles of Faygo and even entire buckets full of Faygo into the crowd. They also didn't stop there, keeping it fresh by inviting all the female fans (Juggalettes) on stage with them to keep showering the crowd with Faygo, and later, during the last song, basically anyone that wanted to be onstage was allowed up there, it seemed. It was total anarchy, but it was pretty amazing to watch and was never truly out of hand.

    Overall, they put on a damn good show, and not only do the duo themselves make sure it's a show to remember, but the loyal fanbase of Juggalos that come out to see them make sure of it to. It doesn't matter how much of the music you know or which acts you came to see, if you're there, you're a part of the family. Say what you will about the Insane Clown Posse, their label and Juggalos, but they are some kickass people and make for a night to remember.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI’m not even sure where to start with Insane Clown Posse, so perhaps I should point out that, as much as anything else, they represent a three-way battle for the title of funniest rap moniker of all time, with the duo’s band name facing stiff competition from the individual stage names of Violent J and (my favourite) Shaggy 2 Dope. Probably best known for a feud with Eminem that began when the superstar was a relative unknown in the late nineties, the pair’s music has often been eclipsed by the prominence of their followers, the makeup-heavy Juggalos; it’s important to remember, then, that they’ve had two platinum records, and shifted in excess of six and a half million albums worldwide, too. With their most recent album, Freaky Tales, dropping in 2012, they’ve continued to tour, and as you’d expect, their live shows are suitably ridiculous affairs; their most recent shows, as evidenced by the footage of their annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival on YouTube, involved hordes of costumed juggalo dancers, a huge firework display and an onstage water fight. They rarely visit the UK, a wrong that at least 233 people, according to the Facebook campaign dedicated to the cause, believe should be righted immediately; maybe head over there and lend your support if you agree.

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  • This was my 2nd ICP concert. I said this after the first concert and I'll say it again, I will go to every single show of theirs that I possibly can from now on. The energy is nothing short of insane and amazing. Juggalos are often judged and put down, but I'm here to tell you that these are some of the most friendly people I have EVER met. I read a review of their concerts before the first one I attended and it said "This is not a show that you go and simply watch, this is a show that you participate in." That is exactly correct, and it is amazing. Check them out, I bet you walk out a fan of them. If you do go then be prepared, you will be soaked in Faygo. Wear clothes that you are ok with getting wet, if you take your phone in then take a clear plastic sandwich bag to put it in or make sure you have a damn good phone case and bring lots and lots of baby wipes...you will be grateful for them after the show when you're trying to clean the sticky Faygo off of your skin. Best concert I've ever been to.

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  • The Insane Clown Posse just aren't what they used to be. Their newer music is absolute crap and even some of the most hardcore cult members, I mean Juggalos, weren't drinking the CoolAid.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAll the lighting effects, background design, hype clowns, and Faygo being tossed couldn't hide the fact that Violent J had no energy. He ballooned to what I'm guessing is over 350lbs and looked like a caricature of himself. He even used a mic stand most of the set. Yes, a rapper stood there and used a mic stand. ICP, being who they are, still brought some talent with them. I got to see the remnants of Three 6 Mafia and they were amazing. Absolute legends and kinda funny between songs too. Mushroomhead is one of the best metal bands around and the crowd was all in for their set. They wrote black light paint on their masks and it looked absolutely wicked. It's a shame their set was limited to about 30 minutes because the headliners, ICP, needed 90 to act like they're still relevant.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI just dont understand how I became a juggalo, I didn't even care for rap much except for stuff like F the police maybe some beastie boys, I'll even admit Run DMC....but I've even played karaoke versions of these guys songs to people who didn't know wtf I was playing and they agree musically these tracks are amazing, but lyrics only means you still have tons of material for stand up comedy. On stage it is something you just won't see any other way and I've been following some of the first bands in LA to even do a stage show so I've seen some way out stuff....but the first time I saw these guys live made it clear to me that I have to see them each time I can from then on. So tonight's gig was 3rd time and it's still surreal to me even when I try to explain to others wtf an icp gig is like. If you are even contemplating because of the ticket price, it will make perfect sense while you watch the show where the money goes.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playDon't know if anyone reads this shit but here goes.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThis is the first time I have gone to an ICP show. I was introduced to them in 1999 watching them on PPV Woodstock 99. They are the only performers I remember watching because they stood out from ALL the rest.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI have been to hundreds of shows over the last 35 years. I had tickets to see ICP a couple of years ago but couldn't make the show unfortunately. Well I made it to this show and I can tell you it was AWSOME. Without long exacting details I would put it like this..... Regardless of whether you like ICP or not, this is a show to be a part of!!! You do not watch the show, you participate in it.

    Until you understand the "Faygo Rain", I can't explain more.

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  • My very first icp concert. Iam 56 yrs old and i have never been to one of icp concerts.bA friend said if icp ever came to austin we would go see them.they came to austin in sept 2016 and we went. Oh what a damn party i had so much fun best concert ever been to. I got to meet a guy i just lv on action bronson not only meet but held his hand for a few seconds durning concert. Second was i was asked to get on stage with icp while they were playing.my friend who has seen them n is a juggalo was so surprised. Thank you guys for making my night the best time ever.i would go see u ten times over in fact told my friend if u had played nxt night i would of been there dancing along. Thks again deanna hudson from round rock tx

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  • The icp slamfest was epic! Ive been down with the clown for 25years and thus is the 1st time ive been abke to see them. I made the trip from Boise to Bend, Oregon for it. I upgraded to vip so i could get the full experience. I was able to meet and talk with Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J and they are great guys and show a lot of love to their fans. I got to go on stage for Faygo Armageddon and it was such a blast! Soaked in diet root beer Faygo. The whole thing was just euphoric. The whole show from start to finish was great. You dont have to be a fan if icp but the experience of their shows will have you coming back for more. Be prepared to get a Faygo baptism! Whoop Whoop! Down with the clown 4 life!

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI have been listening to I.c.p.for quite sometime now and they have made a huge impact on my life and 1 night I actually got to shake the hand of shaggy 2 dope and i was soo in awe that my brain locked up and I didn't know w.t.f. to say besides " I was just listening to ringmaster this morning" I mean, wtf. Here is shaggy 2 dope along with Ouija and I think violent J was there at the aquarium in Gatlinburg,TN. I really wish I had that moment all over again. It would definitely turn out the juggalo way. We would definitely go chicken huntin!!! Forks up forks down all the way!! ...Gary Thompson

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  • Great show, brought down, as always, by all the idiots moving back and forth to get alcohol - I do drink but I don't like having a drunk moron spill half a glass on me. I'm going to a show to enjoy the music not to be on the lookout for idiots not being able to hold their booze.

    /rant over.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playNow for the show: good performance by all artists despite some minor sound issues with Mushroomhead. Glad to have discovered Big Hoodoo.

    ICP were stellar. Whoop whoop

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  • It was great the VIP upgrade for meet and greet was awesome. the faygo Armageddon was lots of fun as well. violent j and shaggy 2 dope are great people and the guy mosh is a awesome guy as well, very helpful with questions and answers. been a fan of icp for many years and will be down with the clown, till my heads in the ground. Was a great show and can't wait for the next one. Ty for an awesome oppertunitie.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI love going to these shows. Since I was 5 I've been going with my parents. I've been to alot of concerts and ICP always ends up being the most fun. Cant beat the hype. The faygo tossing is unique and makes for a blast. Enjoyed every artist at this outdoor showing. Black sheep Colorado springs May 17

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  • I would come again the vibe was great, the music was great, i fricken love icp whoop whoop down with the clown for life man, i would suggest a lot of people would come to the gathering and enjoy as much as i did, i got a really sick shirt as well as alcohol xD dont worry im 21

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  • As always ive been to the gatherings and many shows by psychopathic records and as always these guys throw down and dont play around. Loved the show and would pay to see voilent j and shaggy tear up the stage with tjeir faygo spraying selves anytime anywhere!

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  • Amazing show! It felt like 1997-1998 again! Wow, Violent J during Under the Moon reminds me of why I'm a juggalo. Dude put every bit of energy he had into that song, then still had more energy to spare. Down with the clown til I'm dead in the ground!

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playInsane Clown Posse is the most wicked dark carnival freaks I can ever be entertained by with understanding, family love, humor, and sense. As a Juggalo, I'm down with these clowns until I'm dead in the ground, but, Juggalos and Juggalettes never die!

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playWas a great show, like always. Lighting was on point. Staff was great. Love seeing you guys. Enjoyed seeing family again. Great way to beam in 17. Whoop whoop. Happy Hollidays! Can't wait to see ya again in 2018.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playIt was FUCKING AWESOME had a great time and got to hangout with all the Juggalos and Juggets. Been to there last two shows here in Knoxville and this one FUCKING ROCKED. Cant wait until they come back again.

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  • Great show as usual. Recommended definitely. Always entertaining and will be going to another show. Good stuff. Packed house and they really put on a good show as well as the after party