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Trace Adkins 

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  • Trace Adkins is a successful American Country singer/songwriter originally from Louisiana who has been active as a musician since 1995.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playTracy's debut into the music industry was described as a big success when his very first single 'There's a Girl in Texas' reached the top twenty on the US Country charts. His debut album 'Dreamin' Out Loud' followed in 1996 and charted within the top 10 on the Country albums chart.

    Adkins has had continuous chart success since the release of his debut and has had 20 hit singles on the Billboard country music charts, many of which topped the charts such as 'Ladies Love Country Boys' and 'You're Gonna Miss This'. Due to his strong and consistent presence on the US Billboard and Country charts means that all but one of his studio albums now holds a gold or platinum selling certification. He has sold millions of records worldwide, with the 2005 release 'Songs About Me' contributing two million copies to date.

    Those who are unaware of Adkins' music may actually know his baritone voice from the voiceovers for popular restaurant chain KFC. In 2008 the country star took part in the celebrity version of The Apprentice to raise money for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network charity, he eventually finished the series as the runner up to British presenter Piers Morgan. Since 2010 he has made more regular appearances in the land of the silver screen, taking roles in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' 'Lifted' and 'Mom's Night Out'.

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Live reviews

  • Seeing Trace Adkins at the Grand Ole Opry was quite the experience that I will never forget. The venue was set up well for Trace, and they had all of the lights set up to show him off very well before he even came onto the stage. It was not the type of environment where you jump around and dance to the music, rather you just enjoy the greatness of the country artist at hand.

    Trace was celebrating his 10th anniversary during the show and he came out with a black v neck shirt on and a black cowboy hat. He started to sing right away barely even acknowledging the crowd. As seen with many artists before, the microphone said Grand Ole Opry on it. While this was not a prop for Trace it will still a prop on the stage that could not be unseen since it was right in front of Trace.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThe first song that he performed was 'This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing' and it started of the concert great. Trace sounded wonderful and the rest of the band members hit their notes just the way that they should have. I was glad to have been able to see a legend such as Trace Adkins in person because he really sung a good show.

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    By Anonymous
  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playMy husband and I went to see Tracy Adkins at the Los Angeles County Fair last summer. We made an effort to enjoy our 42 wedding anniversary with purchasing the buffet upstairs and head off to the concert at a box seating. Because it was so very hot that day-over100 degrees at 8:00PM just a few minutes before the concert began my ADA dog collapsed. Zoot has worked 10 years with me, The staff at the buffet brought ice and water to bring Zoot around-and it worked enough for us to get in to our car and to the emergency vet. He is fine now, in fact he is laying under my feet, sleeping. So, lets wrap it up to my personal experience, I bought Tracy Atkins tickets which for our 42 anniversary and never enjoyed one note. However, I saved my sweet ADA k9. Now he is not inconcert locally, so there is the end of the story. I do not pick heroes for my life, however, I would say Tracy Adkins is an upstanding person, who has true depth and value. So, there you go. A man of real substance. There are darn few of them to be found in todays world. I found one in Tracy Adkins.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playLousiana Country star Trace Adkins has been on tour almost continuously since his very first album 'Dreamin' Out Loud' was released in 1996 and due to its success he had a fan base ready made. Since then it has grown substantially in size and the show has grown along with it. Adkins still stands very much in the commanding role and he has clearly thought about every aspect of the performance to really delight the fans.

    He has enrolled a fantastic, well trained live band to support him and all the musicians clearly enjoy jamming to the country styling of '(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing'. The rapport that the band has is translated to the crowd and they instantly feel included in the instrumental sessions. Trace also helps keep them involved, never taking himself to seriously and joking along with them between songs.

    The light-hearted nature of the gig gives the impression of a jam session as opposed to a highly polished live show. By the final sway-along to 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk', the audience are all slightly infatuated with the veteran star.

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  • Trace Adkins was phenomenal ! He was energizing . There is not enough words to describe him but fantastic. Will definitely recommend him highly . Gotta love Trace . From start to finish Terri Clark, Trace Adkins and Clint Black are top notch and great. If you have never been to their concert please make it a point to go see them all . I know I will be going back.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI really enjoyed the concert. He jokes around. His hip movements are AWESOME!!!! He sings nonstop. No intermission. I just hope if he ever come to Caesars Windsor again, that I can meet him in person. His backup singers were good. I would definitely attend another of his concerts. Please keep performing.

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  • I have only seen Trace Adkins once. It was years ago and he was on just before Alan Jackson I think. I loved seeing Trace!!!! I wish he would come to London or Windsor or even Detroit!! Would love to see him again!!!!!!

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  • Aaron Lewis put on a good performance. Very laid-back. Trace Adkins also put on a pretty good performance but nothing quite like I really expected you can tell the age is getting to me