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  • Incubus is an American rock band from Calabasas, California and currently consists of Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, Jose Pasillas, Chris Kilmore and Ben Kenney.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playIncubus was formed in 1991 by vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, bassist Alex Katunich and drummer Jose Pasillas, while the members were in high school. Incubus influences include Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Red Hot Chili Peppers and their sound crosses the genres of alternative rock, heavy metal, funk and electro. For a while the band were nameless, until being asked to provide one for an upcoming show and Incubus was born from there on. They cut their teeth at some of the most infamous venues on the Los Angeles Sunset strip including The Roxy and The Troubadour.

    The band had to juggle early recordings around their school work, but in 1995 they completed their first two song EP with producer Gavin Koppell. They released their first album 'Fungus Amongus' on their own label before later signing to Immortal Records which became Epic Records. In 1997, the band supported Korn on their European tour and promoted their first major label release, the six track 'Enjoy Incibus' EP.

    The band spent a whole year touring their second album 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E' and thanks to radio and TV exposure, it went on to sell over 100,000 copies. This laid the foundations for the critically acclaimed release of 'Make Yourself' which has now been certified double platinum in the States and featured their first hit single 'Drive' which cracked the top 10 of the Billboard Charts. After this release, the band continued to go from strength to strength with their releases, they toured the world over and over promoting the likes of 'Morning View' and 'A Crow Left of The Murder...' which saw their chart success increase in countries such as the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Their 2006 release 'Light Grenades' topped the US Billboard charts and played huge sets at festivals worldwide including Download, Rock Am Ring and Pinkpop.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playIn 2008 the band took a short hiatus to concentrate on family, education and general life. On March 11, 2009, Incubus posted an update to their official site detailing the new Greatest Hits album 'Monuments and Melodies' which charted at #5 on the US Billboard Charts when it was released on June 16 2009. They posted a photograph of themselves working in the studio in 2014 which would allude to a new album being released imminently whilst they have confirmed they will be attending Australia's SoundWave music festival in 2015.

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Live reviews

  • Incubus

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThe first time I saw Incubus, at Soma in San Diego, they were opening for 311. The second time was at the same venue, opening for Sublime, less than a month later. They were a funky metal(ish) band back then. I liked them enough to buy their Fungus Amongus tape, but not enough to buy their mushroom t-shirt. I predicted Sublime would have a long, prosperous career, but I didn’t think Incubus would ever make it beyond Southern California. Bradley Nowell was dead less than six months after that show, but Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger and Dirk Lance would end up on world-wide tours, supporting radio-friendly, double-platinum albums chalk full of #1 hits. I had quit listening to the radio well before Make Yourself and Morning View, but only the deaf could have avoided songs like “Drive”, “Pardon Me”, “Nice To Know You” and “Stellar”. Incubus became a respectable chart-topping band that barely resembled what was represented on their first albums. I honestly never really followed them, and I kind of assumed it was Deftones who filled Red Rocks last night, but when the giant clock hit 0:00 and the band revealed themselves with “Wish You Were Here”, I realized they were completely capable of the headlining slot. - See more at: http://ilistensoyoudonthaveto.com/2015/08/25/incubus-deftones-red-rocks-08-24-15/#sthash.XkzNw0VQ.dpuf

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playIncubus is a band that has been around for a long time. Every single person who has any interest in music at all should know at the very least, one song by these guys. They are a must see for any music fan, anywhere. Incubus has reached the stage in their career where they only play large venues, but they are still one of the best shows around.

    They always sound fantastic, they always play the hits, and they always throw in a many deeper cuts for the true fans. You could see them play any song they've ever released (besides stuff on Fungus Amongus) on any given night. Incubus' sound has matured beautifully from their funk/nu-metal roots to the most cutting edge, blissful, indie rock. Most of the time, bands will only play stuff off their first few, or most recent few records. Incubus shows no discretion to playing from a certain phase they have gone through. "It's Just A Phase". Many times, a heavy funk rock song will be sandwiched between an indie rock ballad and a pop rock radio hit. The possibilities of Incubus' setlist remain endless and unknown which is something that seems to be dying in the so called "Music Industry", and that is what makes them one of the most explosive artists out there from 1991 to present day.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI was fortunate enough to go to the December 1, 2019 concert at the Kravis Center and it was the best show that I have been to, easily. They played the Make Yourself album front to back and then said “we’re just gonna keep playing more songs” and played an insanely good playlist.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThe sound inside of the Kravis Center seemed perfect. I would never expect Incubus to play at such a small venue but it’s obvious that they genuinely care and take pride in playing a show that sounds amazing. I’ve never seen such a big and popular band play their hearts out like they did. They genuinely care.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAfter their last encore the crowd chanted “one more song” and the band came back our and concluded with “Wish You Were Here.” Everybody in the building was standing up and screaming. I saw 2 people leave before Wish You Were Here. I had never seen anything like it in my life.

    I’m so thankful to incubus for playing in my home town. I’m curious why they came to West Palm Beach and would love to know what I can do to get them to come back.

    We love you Incubus! Thank you!



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  • Although Incubus have been touring and recording for over twenty years, there is still a huge demand to see this American Alt-rock band perform live and hear their cult tracks. Although the band has never had any real commercial 'hit' singles, you would think every track on their setlist reached number one with the sound of the audience shouting back the lyrics.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThis band have a devoted and loyal fan base and from the opening riffs of 'Quicksand' to the final reverberations of 'A Crow Left of the Murder' the quintet are supported by a 1,000 strong backing choir. The technical abilities they showcase through the show is really impressive, extending instrumentals and altering tracks makes for an engaging show rather than simply chugging through a traditional setlist.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学play'Anna Molly' gets a great cheer from the crowd as the band capitalise on the enthusiasm and really go all out and throw themselves into the performance. Whilst encore track 'If Not Now, When?' evokes another huge rapture of applause as the outro fades.

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  • A thoroughly disappointing evening.

    They went through the motions after arriving 45 minutes late to the stage.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI've seen them four times before, but not since 2005 and now I remember why.

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThe lack of songs from the 90s era albums was a real let down - especially after Brandon Boyd said that some "old songs" would be played.

    There was one song from SCIENCE and a couple from Make Yourself. It wasn't nearly enough.

    I hate it when bands play little from the albums that got them where they are. It alienates old school fans.

    The newer material played was bland and repetitive.

    It was advertised as "An Evening With Incubus" but was barely 90 minutes.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I've been waiting 20 years for and it was well worth the wait. They played the entire Make Yourself album from start to finish and it sounded magnificent. This album is what turned me on to them initially when I was just starting high school, so it brings back many great memories. Incubus never disappoints and this show was no different, in that regard. They played about 6 or 7 songs after they were finished playing Make Yourself, including a new one I hadn't heard yet. I'm excited about new music from these guys because they are hands down my favorite band of all time.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playA visually appealing concert (and I'm not talking about the shirtless frontman), brings the Make Yourself album to life for its 20th anniversary celebration. Add ons as Warning, from Morning View, No Fun, from 8, and Into the Summer, EP released last August, make the experience go beyond Make Yourself and make you feel you need more from those albums as well.

    Not kidding, I could go for the same concert again and again without getting sick of it. Praying for a Morning View Anniversary tour and for the Gods to give long life to this band that represents a whole generation.

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  • Most surreal night of my life. Incubus put on an amazing show as always! They sounded great, lights were beautiful, Set list was nice! I can't pick a favorite part of their performance, I enjoyed every moment. Vitamin and sick dad little world were epic! But so was everything else. I left in a trance. Only thing I can say is I'd love to see them in a more intimate environment, and touring on their own so they get more stage time. Definitely a show worth seeing, and I would experience it as many times as life will allow me!

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  • If looking around at a packed pavilion isn't proof enough of a great show, the energy for this concert definitely gave it away! The visualizations and light effects for both Deftones and Incubus were amazing. Everything was coordinated with the roar of the music and it felt like we too, were a part of the vibrations. Incubus, as the last band standing, did not disappoint with their set. They put on an thrilling performance, one that I would happily see again.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playAwesome!!! But too short... With no opening act, and without the pressure of having to live up to the set the deftones has been playing in other shows, I thought they'd play longer... The crowd was great, the night was perfect and it had all the makings of a truly special show... But they only played their established set list from the coheadling tour with the deftones... It was fantastic, don't get me wrong, but they could have done more!!!

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  • Incubus at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey was amazing! I haven't seen them since 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA and it was completely worth the wait. I couldn't have hand picked a better setlist, and the light show on stage definitely enhanced the mood. Deftones opened for them and we were treated to a firework display during their set thanks to a Phillies games. Definitely check them out on this tour!

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playThey sounded great, had a decent energy. Weren't vey talkative though, I like an occasional story about the song they are about to play - "This song is hard to play cause its personal for me since my mother died." "We're having a great time in your city - St Kilda was beautiful." You know, just something to connect the performers with the audience but still a great show and worth seeing.

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  • This is my third time seeing Incubus. The first time was great. The second time was better, and I told myself I'd see them any chance I could get.

    This show was terrible. Emotionless. Dudes collecting a paycheck. I can't believe I paid for what I just saw.

    I see several shows per month and rarely am I disappointed. That being said, I cannot recommend seeing Incubus on this tour.

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  • Honestly the best part of the show for me personally was seeing how happy they were playing the venue. The smiles on their faces really made the show. They loved the crowd, played awesome and really felt the love was were giving them. They need to play in Maine more often!! It was EPIC. We drove 6 hours just to see them and I would have driven way more if needed.

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  • I saw these guys 10 years ago and they were considerably better back then. Not a knock on them, they played great and Brandon Boyd still has a great voice but he was off. Understandably so, they must have gotten the news that Chester Bennington had committed suicide that morning. They dedicated Wish You Were Here (their song and a snippet of Pink Floyd's) to him.

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  • The best live band I have ever seen & I've seen a lot of different bands. seriously hands down this band puts it all out there every time we've seen them. They're heart is in the right place with an exuberant amount of passion. Thank you Incubus- we'll definitely and hopefully see you again, keep the music going! Peace

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  • I absolutely loved how they mixed their new tunes in with old tunes and kept it light and fun. Aqueous Transmission in encore was so amazing, I cried! Incubus is my most favorite band. I could see them over and over and over! Thank you so much for such stellar show here in Chicago! We will definitely be back again!

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  • Incubus did such a perfect job of connecting with the crowd! The set list was top tier, on fire, perfect and their performance the same! Seriously, best concert I have ever been to in my life thus far. They also ended with Aqueous Transmission, a song I've read they don't play live often, but it was magical!

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  • Amazing concert! And the support band was also really really good.

    It was mostly to present the new album, so a couple of musics from it, but they played all the known ones and even some extra ones. Amazing!

    快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playIt was my first time seeing Incubus but it is definitely something I would do again.

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  • 快穿之妩媚系统h,带道具上学playI had such an amazing week last week! I was able to see my favorite band 3 times! Once in my hometown of Sacramento, and then 2 in San Francisco! The only thing that could have made it any better would be to experience a Meet n Greet! Then I will be complete! Lol j/k They get better and better!

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