Make money in Forex with No Money

How to turn $0 into $1,000,000


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I’ve been asked several times if you can actually make money from Forex and the answer to that question is a big YES.

My road started back in 2012 so I have 2 years learning and trading every single day ever since. Let me tell you my friend that the road hasn’t been easy at all. In fact, it has been the most difficult journey so far. I know every single system, time frame, market, type of market, indicator, strategy in existence.

I am not going to lie to you, there are great systems and there is a lot of people making money trading Forex. But it’s also true that only 5% of the people who get into this world finally make it.

Let me summarize the mistakes that in my opinion won’t allow you to make money trading forex:

Discipline to Make Money

1. Not sticking to one system. Jump from one to system to another is maybe the number 1 mistake. It takes 3 to 6 months to learn a system in detail. Yes, sometimes the problem is that the system itself is wrong. I have found that a good moving average system in combination with Pivots for support and resistance will always work, there is nothing that can beat that. Fibonacci Ratios and Harmonic Patterns is also good but it takes more time to master since you don’t rely on indicators.


risk management

2. Risk control. I couldn’t say the number of times in which I have lost 50% of my account in one single trade. Sometimes I have built a very decent growth in 2 weeks only to see it vanish in 1 single trade. If you keep your trade to 2% risk you will survive and end up being profitable. If you don’t, you will get yourself in trouble trying to save a losing trade probably with the use of Martingale techniques, that will only cause you to lose all your money. Man, seriously, it’s better to lose 2 to 4 trades out of 10 than trying to win them all just to find out that 1 single trade can extinguish your entire capital. There will always be new opportunities. This is a business and it has implicit costs, and one of them is to take loses.


3. Listening to other people. Didn’t I tell you already that only 5% of the traders finally make it? Then why do you pay attention to what other say in the interactive forums? The are ALL losing their money. Maybe they will show off and open their mouth while price is moving in their favor but only because they were able to jump in 20 pips earlier and are now in a break even position to talk nonsense. By the way, being able to pick 20 pips a day is a winner situation. If you are able to take 20 pips every single day (and losing a maximum of 20 here and there) you will become a millionaire. Of course, it will depend on the system and frequency you want to trade. Since I am a intraday trader I am ok taking 20 to 50 pips per day. But there will be others that only feel confortable if they take 150 to 300 pips per trade. Question is: How much longer did it take for their trades to be in favor? Maybe they had to let their trade “breathe” 150 pips or so before being in profit.

patience and focus

4. Patience and Focus. Even if you have a good system, you control your risk and avoid listening to others.. if you lack patience and focus you won’t make it. In other words, you need to be disciplined. You sell from the top and you buy from the bottom. Is as simple as that. But if you are not focus you won’t see elements that will keep taking price further ahead and you will realize that if you had been more patient you would had picked a great position for your trade. When you are experienced enough buying or selling becomes natural. You know when a big green or red candle is simply a spike to buy or sell and when they are breaking support or resistance to continue going to the next level of support or resistance. You know when a level is being respected and the exhausted candles are unable to get beyond those levels, and when they are not exhausted but simply taking a pause to continue.


Avoid those mistakes and you will be profitable


So you know the mistakes and you stop commiting them. Great, now you are on your road to become successful and hopefully, one of the 5%ers.


How much money do you need to succeed in Forex


You need a good system and a good money management more than anything. You can start your way with $500 or even $200 provided you have what is required to build a positive equity curve. There are people who say that you cannot make it with less that $50,000 in your account and to be honest, I partially agree with them. I like a saying that goes like “It’s easier to make $10,000 per month than $1000 per month”. Money attracts money and it’s easier to make $5 to $10 or even $20 thousand dollars per month with a $50 thousand account, than making $500 per month with a $500 account. The reason is simple. You risk more when you have less. You risk 8% to 20% per trade when your account is less than $1000. It shouldn’t be the case but is a reality. In change, when you have a $20 to $50 thousand dollar account you risk from 0.5% to 2% per trade and taking a loss is not as harmfull like losing 20% of your capital. In other words, 20% growth of a $50,000 account is better than 100% growth of a $1000 account.


Can you make money with no money?


That was the title of this Post and it will amaze you what I will tell you: yes, you can. All you need is having a solid system with sound risk management and you can make money with a Demo account. WHAT??? Say again? Yes, you can make money with a Demo account. You see, there is a social network that gathers traders and investors together and investors generally select good traders to make their account grow. These traders don’t trade real accounts all the time. In fact, many of these successful traders do so throuh Demo accounts. All you need to do is to create a “Trader Account”, describe your strategy (risk to reward, number of positions, system description, etc) and start trading. Eventually you will attract traders to follow your strategy until you find yourself trading multiple lots and earning 1 pip per lot.


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Honest way to make money with no money


If you are like me, though, you want to trade your own account but you need to make a deposit first, and you know that to be comfortable you’d need to at least make a initial deposit of $5,000, maybe $2,000 but nothing less than that.

Where can you take such an amount of money withouth using your credit card or your hard earned savings?

My friend, there are multiple ways of making money online. I know because I’ve been 8 years in this business. From article writing and earning revenues from Ad Networks, to promoting Clickbank Products, or even offering your services in Fiverr.

A few weeks ago, while searching for advanced techniques to promote Clicbank services, I came accross a number of people out there showing a very luxurious life. Pretty much all of them in Miami surrounded by Ferrari’s and girls. I don’t have anything against that type of life but when you see a video with a guy in a yacht in Miami you should have your doubts about what that guy is selling. Most of those videos are Hype and have nothing but actors on them.

And then it came to me… this website. I found a guy in his 60′s making good money and I thought “If he could do it I can do it too”.

To my surprise a lot of the people who were making money with this method, strategy or whatever you wanna call it, were retired people. Let’s be honest for one second. Internet generation are the people from 15 to 40 years old. If you are older than 50 you’ve had to learn many things that to young people are second nature. So this very fact called out my attention. In fact, it made me angry a little bit. Why wasn’t I making money after 8 years in this business?! Anyway, it’s never late to make a fresh start. And it’s also great that EVERY ONE can make money like this, even my mom who has little or no experience using the Internet.

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